Returns and Refunds Policy

Cabello Footwear owned by Europacific Footwear (a division of Quik Shu Pty Ltd) does not sell direct to the public and therefore consumers are unable to claim a refund  directly from Europacific Footwear – they must return to their store of purchase. Any Warranty claims must be handled by the store of purchase. 

Under Australian consumer law consumers are entitled to:

Repair, replace or refund depending on the severity of the fault.

Businesses must not tell consumers to take the problem to the manufacturer or importer.

When a product has been assessed as having a major problem, consumers can choose between a refund, replacement, or credit. Assessment must first take place at the store of purchase, then the store of purchase will contact Europacific Footwear to process the claim.

For any minor fault with Cabello Footwear the store of purchase has the right to repair or replace if the fault is assessed as being genuine and a minor fault. There is no charge to the end consumer for any repairs that are done and must be agreed on by both the store of purchase and Europacific Footwear.

Europacific Footwear is responsible for repaying the retailer for faults caused by a manufacturing defect in which the retailer has provided a repair, replacement or refund to a consumer and the fault claim has been approved by Europacific Footwear – prior to the remedy being provided to the consumer.

For your information, please find our guidelines below for common claims that are not deemed to be manufacturing defects.

Leather is a natural material where no two hides are the same. Therefore, inconsistency of colour and texture are a unique characteristic. Small imperfections, blemishes, and variances are a natural occurrence in leather and should be treated as a unique feature and not a fault.

Leather is designed to age with wear and may fade and soften over time. Cabello is renowned for using leather with particularly soft hand feel. It is important to note that in order to achieve this suppleness, the leather may lose some shape over time and the colours fade when exposed to sunlight.

Our shoes are HAND sewn, HAND made, and HAND finished. Small deviations or irregularities are characteristic of this manual work and distinguish this valuable product from others. This is not a manufacturing defect and therefore also not a reason for complaint and fault claims will not be accepted on this basis.

It is also important to note that Cabello shoes are not waterproof. Like any other hand stitched leather product, water can sometimes be absorbed through the stitching or small needle holes. Cabello shoes are not sold as a waterproof shoe and fault claims will not be accepted on this basis.

Manufacturing faults will only be accepted within the first 12 months from the date of purchase, This does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage and is conditional upon reasonable care being followed. Normal wear and tear is defined as the wearing down of the sole or upper elements of a shoe, while only wearing it for its intended use

While all parts of a shoe will eventually wear out over time it’s important to note that the quality of movement can have a dramatic effect on the natural life of a shoe. Whilst some of our shoes are often described as orthotic friendly (due to the removable innersole), this does not mean that every brand or type of orthotic will be suitable for use within our shoes.

Orthotics that are too large, wide, or rigid may potentially break the shoe down faster if rubbing or creating extra pressure within the shoe. Fault claims cannot be accepted based on incorrect orthotic use.

No claims will be accepted by Europacific Footwear from end consumers. Claims will only be accepted from the retailer/business who has purchased the shoes from Cabello Footwear owned by Europacific Footwear. Retailers must not tell consumers to take the problem to the manufacturer or importer and consumers who do contact Cabello Footwear owned by Europacific Footwear, will be directed back to their store of purchase.

You can read more regarding your rights through Consumer Affairs Website

Occasions when consumers aren’t entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund.

Consumers are not entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund under the consumer guarantees if:

  • they got what they asked for but simply changed their mind, found the product cheaper somewhere else, or decided they didn’t like the purchase or had no use for it. However, if a business has a ‘change of mind’ policy, they must follow it.
  • the problem with the product was caused by the consumer misusing it
  • they knew of or were made aware of the problem with the product before they bought it (but they may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund for a different problem with the product that wasn’t made clear to them before they bought it)
  • asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business
  • the problem with a service was caused by the actions of someone other than the business.